Horse and Carriage Wedding

Your Different Wedding Transportation Options

Today, if you are planning your wedding, different wedding transportation options are available for your consideration. The logistics of planning your wedding’s transportation can be a bit challenging especially if you have a different reception venue. While some guests are able to drive themselves to each and every venue, not all guest will be able to do this.

As such, it’s important to have a budget for transportation for both you and your guests. Depending on the budget and preference, there are many options that you can consider as seen below.


Limos have been used since forever as the ideal mode of transport for weddings. Today, there are bigger limousines that can carry a lot more people. Limos provide a much suitable transportation option for the bride and her maids as well as the groom and his groomsmen.

Party Buses

Your wedding is a day celebrating love with your loved ones. If you want to provide transport for your guests as well, consider getting a party bus. Party buses have grown in popularity and are today used to provide transportation services even at weddings. The unique part about them is that they’re big and have lots of space. Besides, a wedding is a party, and nothing says it best like a party bus.

Antique Car

There are different ways that you can use your mode of transport to make a statement at your wedding. One such way is to use an antique car. While an antique car might only have room to ferry the bride to the wedding venue, the groom and bride can also use it after they have exchanged their vows to get to their reception venue or planned place of stay after the whole celebrations.

Horse and Carriage

Gone are the days when vehicles were the only means of transport to your wedding venue. Most girls have wanted to be Cinderella for just one day and how about turning your wedding day into that one day and riding up to your wedding on a horse and carriage?


If you have the money to go big, why not make an exit on a helicopter? This is one of the fastest means to avoid traffic and get to your wedding reception or honeymoon destination pretty fast. I mean, who wants to be stuck in traffic after such an exhausting day?  There are services in the NY area that provide this, including WingsAir.


No written rule says that your wedding only has to be held on solid ground. If you love water and want your wedding day to be somewhere in the middle of the river on a ship, you can consider getting to it on a gondola.