Wedding Invitation Cardstock

Making Wedding Invitations with Cricut (A DIY Guide)

A wedding ceremony is usually an exciting affair, and every couple usually wants things to be perfect. However, perfection also comes with a very expensive price tag as it means going for nothing short of the best. If you’ve gotten married before or been part of a wedding committee, then you know how expensive it can be to order for wedding cards. Especially if you need quality cards made.

However, if you own a Cricut machine, you can easily make your own wedding invitation cards and save yourself money that can go into other wedding expenses. As you know, weddings aren’t cheap. The best part of being able to make your own wedding cards is that you are able to custom make it to your own liking and while it’ll take a bit of time, it won’t cost you more.

For starters, you need to settle on your wedding colors as this will help determine what color (s) you will print your cards in. However, if you prefer a different color for your wedding invitations, that is also fine. Next, you will need to choose the wording that you want on your invitation card. These include things such as who will host the wedding, the venue of the wedding, date, reception and any other info that you think should be on your wedding card.

Decide on the Supplies

Wedding Invitation Cardstock

Once you have your color and wordings sorted, you can choose the materials that you need. That is what type of paper do you need to print the cards on as well as the design. If you can’t create your own design, don’t sweat it as the Cricut Design Space software has plenty of designs that you can choose from.
While some people will opt to make their cards using cardstock materials, with a Cricut machine you have the ability to print your cards on different materials such as decorative papers, fabric, crepe paper among others, simply put, the choice of material to use is all up to you. Also, choose the folder color and material that you will use to place the wedding invitation cards inside.

You will then need to choose the card size that you want. What is the ideal size that you have dreamt of having your cards in? Unless you plan to deliver all your cards by hand, ensure that you check the for odd card sizes with your postal address so that you don’t work on cards that you won’t be able to mail. If you choose to make your own envelope, keep in mind that you will have a paper limit and might have to opt for small sized envelopes or simply buy envelopes.
Once you have settled on your supplies, the next step will be creating the wedding invitation cards themselves. Depending on your experience level, this shouldn’t be hard to achieve. Besides, a Cricut machine is quite easy to use as long as you follow the necessary instructions.

Creating the Wedding Cards

Firstly you’ll be required to log in to your Cricut Design Space account and then create a new document. Choose the width and height that you want your card to be and set this on your design space. Also, you can make a two-tone card. You can easily do this by supplicating the shape of your card. Look for the add text tool and begin typing the information you need to have on the wedding invitation card such as venue, hosts, date, reception, etc.

Using the Front Menu, choose your preferred writing style from the menu and then choose your preferred font. If you aren’t decided on the font, you can play around with different fonts to see if you will find one that you love. Also, ensure that they fit perfectly within your card and don’t look too squeezed or too big. Choose the pen type that you want from the machine to write the different wordings that you want to look different.

Once that is done, factor in how you want the names to appear and in what font and whether they need to be in their own text box as well as pen color. At this phase, you can also add some embellishment to the card if you so wish. To do this, you can create your own file using the Illustrator program and then import them.

If you want to add flowers or any other decoration that you fancy, you can easily do so by searching for the images from the Cricut Image Library and then pick what you like. Next step will be to arrange them and then create a box of the size you want your card to be which will automatically tell the machine to cut out the invite in that size. Don’t forget to set your media to cardstock.

Remember to choose a number of copies you want to be printed so that you don’t have to keep going back to see if everything is okay. If you choose to make your own envelopes, the steps are pretty much similar to the ones for making the card.

Final Thoughts

While a Cricut machine can help you save money and time, there are a wide variety of stories that you can create using the machine. With a Cricut machine, you can also make thank you notes for all the people who attended your wedding and mail them or deliver them yourself. A Cricut machine gives you the freedom to create whatever you like whenever as well as experiment with new projects.

The machine is not only powerful and dependable, but it boasts of numerous features that when used well, can ensure your end product is nothing but stunning. Whether it’s a wedding invitation card, a personalized note or even a get-together invite for friends or family. There is no practical way to achieve the level of perfection and attention to detail when it comes to your wedding cards than with a Cricut machine.